Carmel has recorded two albums to date.  Her first album “keepin up the payments' was a big favourite with r.t.e. radio d.j’s including John Creedon and Ronan Collins.   

Keepin' Up the Payments


Connaught Tribune - Mary J. Murphy

"A veteran of the West of Ireland music scene, this talented singer and keyboard player certainly has a first Recording to be proud of in "Keepin' Up The Payments". It's a fine piece of work with a marvelously well-produced cross-section of songs. She showcases a great voice, capturing a wide variety of styles from the soulful huskiness of 'You don't know me' to an excellent interpretation of Tom Waits' 'I hope that I don't fall in love with you'. Carmel's piano playing is augmented by the fine guitar playing of her producer Gabriel Donoghue, who along with other featured guests all lend their considerable skills to make her first release a real corker."

  Keepin Up The Payments

You can listen to four tracks from the album by clicking on the following links:

The very ground that you walk upon 


Walking after midnight


What I’d say


 Drift Away

Out on the Ocean

Carmel recorded her second album 'Out in the Ocean' with Martin O' Connor and Michelle Mulhaire.  It has more of an irish traditional flavour to it as it was recorded with the tourist market at home and abroad in mind.
   Out on the Ocean

The Tarabolten - the Flagstone of Memories - the Mountain Road


My Old Dear Galway Bay


Carmel 'live'
Listen to Carmel performing Live

 Down at the Twist and Shout




 The Lark in the Morning

(Siege of Ennis) 


(Easy Listening) 

 Nothing Compares to You

(Carmel performing solo in Germany) 


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